There are two basic forms of ridesharing: carpooling and vanpooling.


A carpool consists of two or more people with a similar commute pattern riding together in a private vehicle on a continuing basis.

More than 40% of Anne Arundel County residents work outside of the county, so it's likely that some of your neighbors have a similar commute pattern.

When you register to carpool you will receive a list of people who are also interested in ridesharing and who live and work near you. Just call the people on your list to join an existing carpool or create a new one.


A vanpool is comprised of up to 15 people with a similar commuter pattern.

The group typically secures a van from a third-party vendor and one person drives while the others share the monthly operating costs. Many vanpools meet at park and ride lots.

Register to join a vanpool or visit VPSI Commuter Vanpools for information on forming a vanpool. Your employer can provide you with up to $100 per month as an incentive to vanpool.

Park & Ride Locations

Park and ride lots are available throughout Anne Arundel County and provide a convenient meeting place for carpooling, vanpooling, and public transportation.

Click here for lot locations.

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