Transportation Choices

There are numerous transportation choices available in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County which you can use to save money, time, and your sanity!


Rideshare in a Carpool or Vanpool

Take Public Transit

Ridesharing means two or more persons traveling together in an automobile or van. Ridesharing benefits include fuel cost savings, wear and tear on roads, reducing traffic congestion, HOV lane access, overall expense saving by minimized driving, reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Ridesharing services enable commuters to find other individuals who share similar commute routes and work hours. Ridesharing promotes alternative ways for commuters to get to work via carpool or vanpool.


There are numerous public transit systems serving Anne Arundel County and the greater Washington, DC and Baltimore Region. You can ride a local or regional bus, an express commuter bus, the MARC train, WMATA Metro, Light Rail, or MTA Metro to name a few.



Walk or Ride a Bike

Telecommute or Work Flextime

Walking and cycling are clean, healthy, and economical methods of transportation.


Telecommuting allows people to work outside the traditional company environment by utilizing technology and telecommunications. It means keeping employees in the loop, but out of traffic since they work from home or a local telework center. Nationally more than 20 million people telecommute, and Maryland offers employers free consulting on how to develop and manage telework programs.

Flextime and a compressed work week are options which reduce congestion and improve our quality of life. Employers that offer flextime permit their workers to adjust their arrival and departure times so they can carpool or avoid peak commute times. A compressed schedule (example: 40 hours in 4 days) decreases the number of days people have to drive to work. Commuter Connections can advise you on the best way to implement one of these valuable programs.


Park & Ride Locations

Park and ride lots are available throughout Anne Arundel County and provide a convenient meeting place for carpooling, vanpooling, and public transportation.

Click here for lot locations.

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Young Transportation Services

Young Transportation Services provides you with an efficient, clean and safe commute between Annapolis and the New Carrollton Metro station via the Route 50 corridor.

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